Project Description

The Central Coast is located at the centre of NSW’s fastest growing corridor between Sydney and Newcastle. The proximity to Sydney and natural assets combine to give the region a competitive edge over other destinations in regional NSW, but despite its strong visitor economy and rich natural landscape, the region is underrepresented in outdoor adventure, nature-based tourism and accommodation products when compared to other destinations.

TRC was engaged to assess the Central Coast’s unique offering and what potential was available to further develop eco and rural tourism to support the Central Coast Council’s business goals of enabling tourism, growing the visitor economy, attracting investment, improving accessibility and supporting the community.

The project assessed the three interdependent components relating to visitor experience, marketing and promotion, policy and regulatory frameworks, and the necessary investments that would enable ecotourism and agritourism growth.

TRC developed the report in six stages:
– Literature review
– Demand and supply analysis
– Stakeholder consultation
– Qualitative industry survey
– Gap analysis, constraint definition and opportunity planning
– Assessment of development opportunities and report preparation.

TRC identified experience opportunities and market demands and delivered an opportunities and action plan for developing eco and rural tourism.

Food tourism, local artisans, nature and eco experiences were highlighted as drawcards. The region’s outstanding natural assets and agricultural enterprise provided significant opportunity to leverage the growing demand for these experiences.